Monday, January 3, 2011

NFL Playoffs are set

This is what it's all about. The playoffs. The NFL playoffs are set, and this is the most ecstatic part of the football season. It was a win and your in situation for some teams during week 17. Sure enough, they delivered. Meanwhile, some teams faltered. The Kansas City Chiefs played poorly and lost to Oakland in the final game of the regular season, so they dropped down to the 4th seed in the AFC. The Baltimore Ravens won a frivolous game against the Cincinati Bengals and have the 5th seed. The New England Patriots annihilated the Miami Dolphins even though they already secured the 1st seed in the AFC. The Pittsburgh Steelers obliterated the Cleveland Browns to secure the 2nd seed in the AFC. The reigning AFC Champions won against the Tennessee Titans to secure the 3rd seed in the AFC. Finally, the New York Jets won and secured the 6th seed.

In the NFC, The Seattle Seahawks made history on Sunday by becoming the first 7 - 9 to win the division and host a playoff game as the 4th seed. The Atlanta Falcons proved their dominance over an abysmal Carolina Panthers team to secure the 1st seed. Albeit they played their starters, The Chicago Bears actually lost (which is a blessing in disguise) to the Green Bay Packers. Green Bay secured the 6th seed. Conversely, the Philadelphia Eagles have the 3rd seed by choking against Minnesota in week 16 at home.

Some teams already knew their fate beforehand, but some teams were playing to win. Here is the entire playoff picture.

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