Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hannah Storm and Adam Schefter are Ecstatic

I must admit I was shocked by this video, and I started laughing relentlessly. I expected Eric Mangini to be terminated by the Cleveland Browns, but Hannah Storm and Adam Schefter's reaction was surprising. Should these two be diciplined by ESPN for laughing? If they are not going to penalize  Tony Kornheiser on his radio show for criticizing Stuart Scott's eye condition, then ESPN should sweep this one under the rug too. As for Storm and Schefter laughing, this was really trivial. There are office antics like this all the time in countless offices. The zany portion was their reaction after the high five. Storm states, "not to make light of the fact that obviously someone has lost their job..." After that transition, I laughed for about ten consecutive minutes because it was completely hypocritical.

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