Saturday, March 12, 2011

The NFL PA Files for Desertification

  After days of negotiations, the NFL PA Filed for desertification. Albeit this does not guarantee a lockout, there is no guarantee there will be an NFL season next year either. The main issues were the following:
  • Rookie salaries
  • Retirement benefits
  • 18 Game regular season
  • Transparency with the Owners' expenses and revenues
Alex Brandon AP
Is this really a case of Billionaires versus Millionaires? Certainly, all players in the NFL are not Millionaires. Likewise, all owners are not Billionaires. I am uncertain who is telling the truth in this negotiation. There is plenty of finger pointing. The NFL PA accused the owners of being secretive with their revenues and expenses. Conversely, the owners agreed that they made many compromises (including avoiding the 18 Game regular season). This begs the question: was there ever a negotiation? With all this talk about negotiations, this entire ordeal seemed like the exact inverse of a negotiation. This was a bitter rivalry that was analogous to the New England Patriots versus the New York Jets.

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