Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Miami Heat Get Their Vengeance Against the San Antonio Spurs

Steve Mitchell US Presswire
In a game that was humiliating for the Miami Heat, March 4 is a day they will want to forget. During that game between the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs, it was a 30 point loss for Miami. Nevertheless, it was a completely different story last night. The main motifs for the Heat was defense and transition points. Dwayne Wade had not 1 but 2 critical blocks: one against Tony Parker and one against Tim Duncan. Miami's defense led to some easy transition points for LeBron James, and nobody can stop James in the open floor. The end result was a 30 point annihilation by the Heat. This begs the question: where was this intensity from Miami earlier in the season? Now, they have momentum. Conversely, the Spurs seem to be showing their age once again. The experienced Spurs turned into an old team, and they were 2 steps behind the Heat throughout the duration of the rematch. Maybe this is the fire that needed to be ignited under the Heat (pun intended).

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