Thursday, February 10, 2011

Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers on The David Letterman Show

After watching this interview, Aaron Rodgers just became even more likable. Is there anything to abhor about this quarterback? He is generous, tough, classy, persistent, confident, and professional (unlike Brett Favre). Good for Rodgers on winning the Super Bowl and shattering Brett Favre's legacy. One of the intriguing parts about the interview was when he was asked why a university refused to sign him at age 18, and Rodgers' response was that the perception was that he was undersized and slow. He continued, "The things you can't measure often are the things that give people the most success." This was followed by a well deserved applause from the audience. Rodgers was also asked "There is a certain justice in this" when talking about his success compared to Favre's dreadful season, yet Rodgers avoided the question. Rodgers will not admit it because he is humble, but I will. Yes, there is justice in Rodgers excelling and Favre failing. Letterman also hinted about the status of next year because of the CBA, but Rodgers evaded the question again as effectively as he evaded a pass rush. Despite 900 concussions in 2 seconds, Rodgers is still at the top of the mountain.

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