Monday, February 14, 2011

NBA Trade Deadline Quickly Approaches

Getty Images
Who will win the Carmelo Anthony sweepstakes? That seems to be the lingering question going into the trade deadline. Two teams that have been mentioned excessively are the Los Angeles Lakers and the New York Knicks; however, it looks as if Carmelo will be leaning towards New York. For the Lakers, it would be absurd to even entertain a trade for Carmelo because their size is their strength. They would have to trade Andrew, and that is a player the Lakers are unwilling to trade. Ron Artest was also mentioned, but he will likely stay with the Lakers as well. Amare Stoudemire would be ecstatic to have Carmelo as a teammate, and Carmelo has candidly admitted his inclination to go to New York. We shall wait and see. I wonder if Carmelo's wife is planning another dreadful reality show.

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