Monday, February 7, 2011

Green Bay Packers Win Super Bowl XLV
The Green Bay Packers defeated The Pittsburgh Steelers to win Super Bowl XLV.

Keys to success:
  • The Packers' ability to coerce turnovers 
  • Aaron Rodgers' ability to score touchdowns 
Gary A. Vasquez/NFL
This was a climactic Super Bowl, and the game definitely lived up to expectations. The anticipation was accruing over the last two weeks, and the team that faced the most adversity this year won the largest reward in the NFL. After Donald Driver and Charles Woodson were injured, the momentum seemed to shift towards the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Rashard Mendenhall touchdown was when Steelers looked like they would come back from another deficit just like they did against the Baltimore Ravens. Meanwhile, the Packers receivers continued to drop countless passes. Pittsburgh was driving, yet the Green Bay defense came to life. However, Clay Matthews forced a fumble to give the Packers the ball back. This lead to a critical Rodgers touchdown pass to Greg Jennings. Nevertheless, Ben responded with a touchdown pass of his own to Mike Wallace. Green Bay scored a field goal on their final drive to make it a six point game. On the ensuing Steers possession, Ben would have just one last chance to make some playoff magic. The Packers defense tightened up, and Ben threw an incomplete pass on 4th down. 

What If... 
Kevin Terrell/NFL
What if the Steelers utilized more no huddle in the 3rd quarter? What if Ben Roethlisberger threw the ball elsewhere during the final Pittsburgh Steelers drive? Was the intention to throw the ball to Mike Wallace? Was Wallace even the primary receiver? In that situation, it looked like Health Miller was wide open. Maybe Ben could have called timeout in order to regroup.
Kevin Terrell/NFL
Pittsburgh might have also thought about going four wide receivers to spread out the depleted Packers secondary, placing Hines Ward in motion, and throwing him the ball.

Final Thoughts 

Gary A. Vasquez/NFL
What is the significance of this Super Bowl victory for the Green Bay Pacers? With over 20 years of experience between Charles Woodson and Donald Driver, it was poignant to see those two Pro Bowl players win a Super Bowl. Furthermore, it is also easy to cheer for Aaron Rodgers because of what he endured through the entire Brett Favre fiasco. If this was indeed the final NFL game, then it was one hell of a way to go out with a bang.

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