Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Did Jay Cutler Concede?
Even after the NFC Championship, the controversy still continues around Jay Cutler. Some people say he was really injured; conversely, other people say he quit on Chicago. Here are some facts. 

1. Jay Cutler was diagnosed with a torn MCL
2. According to an interview with ESPN, Lovie Smith admitted that it was the coaching staff's decision to bench Cutler during the NFC Championship and Cutler wanted to go back in the game 
3. Jay Cutler's pain tolerance is unknown
4. Drew Brees played this season with a similar torn MCL injury 
5. Phillip Rivers played with a similar injury in the playoffs 
6. A torn MCL can influence the accuracy of throwing

Getty Images Jonathan Daniel
What can we conclude from this information? Regrettably, there is insufficient evidence to make a definitive conclusion about Cutler quitting. Cutler put his life on the line and almost died against the Giants this year, and he does play with diabetes. Thus, Cutler does have toughness. Nevertheless, Cutler was also seen with his girlfriend Kristin Cavallari walking without crutches but with a limp after the game against the Green Bay Packers. If I had to make an inference, then I believe Cutler was really injured. After watching him lower his shoulders and score a touchdown against the Seattle Seahawks, I will take Cutler's word for it. He had no incentive to be on the bench. 

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